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The Norfolk County Archives offers a variety of events, from guest speakers to genealogy workshops.

Genealogy Symposium 2022
Learn how to use municipal records in your genealogy research, how one researcher traced her family back to Ireland, & how to archive family records!
Norfolk County Archives’ 2nd annual Genealogy Symposium has a value-packed afternoon for you on Saturday, September 17th from Noon until 4:30.
Sessions are for both beginners and the avid genealogist! There will also be vendors and a used book sale of genealogy and local history books!
*One ticket at $20 per person gets you access to all 3 speakers, 1 workshop, and light refreshments.
Tickets are available online through Eventbrite or in person at the Norfolk County Archives (Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm) On Sale Now!   *Vendor and Book sales are extra.  Buy your ticket here:
2022 Genealogy Symposium Schedule
Speaker 1: Melanie McLennan, Genealogist – Ancestral Tapestry: Family Research in Irish Records – Digging Up Your Irish Roots
Speaker 2: Jennifer Robertson, MAC – Book and Paper Conservation Services – Preserving the Past: Preservation and Conservation of Archival Materials
Speaker 3: Fraser Dunford, Genealogist – Municipal Records
Workshop – Emily Benedict, Conservator – Conservation Workshop: Storing and Caring for your Family Heirloom

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